Your unique life purpose is found in the map of your fingerprints. From your prints, Laura will help you understand your life from a Life Purpose Perspective. In this ONE hour session you will identify:

• What have you come to do in this lifetime?
• What did you come here to be?
• Where are you now in your journey?
• What is holding you back?
• What is your next step?

FEE: $150.00 for one hour Session.
Includes Fingerprint Chart / Recorded Reading. 


This package is for those who want the most complete and powerful understanding of their individual life path. It includes an ONE hour Life Purpose Consultation plus an ONE hour follow up session that gives you deeper understanding about your life direction.

FEE: $249.00 for (two) 1 hour sessions.
Includes Fingerprint Chart / Hand Prints / Recording


This is customized Coaching using the learning from your Life Purpose Package to develop awareness of how your purpose, challenges, gifts and talents show up in your life. You will identify strategies for moving through some of your life obstacles so your can move closer to living a life of greater fulfilment.

FEE: Monthly

Hand Reading Circles

Mini hand readings in the comfort of your home or office (minimum 10 people).

Includes a 60 minute Life Purpose Initial Consultation for the host/hostess (to be done at a separate time).

Contact Laura Gibson @ or 604 916 4813 to discuss details.

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